Plywood vs. Particle Board – A List of Pros and Cons

Plywood vs Particle Board

When starting a home renovation project, you may be mulling over your options and considering whether you should go with plywood vs. particle board when it comes to your cabinets. We’ve compiled a list of pros and cons that should help you decide: 



  • Easier to screw through; no pre-drilling.
  • Holds nails and glue better than particle board.
  • Less damage-prone than particle board and easier to repair onsite if there is damage.
  • Is widely regarded as a “higher quality” product to the average Joe.


  • Approximately 15% more expensive for your project than particle board.
  • Outgasses some chemicals into your home once you bring it inside.


Particle Board


  • More cost-effective for your project than plywood.
  • Compliant with California chemical regulations.
  • Covered in melamine which makes it versatile and easy to clean with any all-purpose cleaner (vs. plywood that needs a special wood cleaner like furniture).
  • Can look “cooler” because it can come in various interpretations (as opposed to strictly wood interiors).


  • Can be damaged easier than plywood and less easy to repair.
  • Doesn’t hold nails and glue as easy as plywood.

 Here is a video from Katie further explaining:

Which one did you end up choosing for your latest project? We’d love to hear more about what you’re working on in the comments!

Plywood vs Particle Board

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  • I chose particle board! I wanted to splurge on the countertops :)


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